Oh, The Wine Sampler…how we LOVE thee! Their new location on Kerr Ave. in Wilmy’s midtown is FAB…light, bright, plenty of room AND our two favs: WINE and WiFi! Thanks for letting us hang out!

Today, we’re taking advantage of their complimentary wine tasting. Don’t mind if we do – CHEERS – WATCH NOW! If you’re curious, here’s what we’re sipping…

Union Wine Company * Underwood’s Sparkling Rose`
Castelfeder Wine * 2017 * Pinot Bianco
Vista Hills Vineyard & Winery * 2016 * Pinot Noir
Powers’ Winery * 2015 * Cabernet Sauvignon
Firestone Vineyard and Winery * 2014 * Syrah

Did we have a favorite?!  Yes, we did –> Firestone Vineyard and Winery * 2014 * Syrah  SO SO SO delish!

A great finish to a crazy, but productive, week in KC Creative Land. Happy Weekend! http://teamkccreative.com * 910.538.7539

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