Here’s a quick and entertaining FACT vs. FICTION post for you…enjoy!

FACT: Working on new brochure designs totally float our boats! We’re thrilled to see our friends at Fairfield Glade put this fresh (and clean) general brochure to good use!

Fairfield Glade, in the heart of Tennessee, high atop the Cumberland Plateau, offers a retirement lifestyle like no other.  A few of the amenities offered throughout 12,000 acres include 11 lakes for boating or fishing, 25+ miles of walking and hiking trails, 90 holes of golf on 5 courses, award-winning racquet sports facilities, multiple swimming pools and recreation & fitness complexes.  WOW!

FICTION: This is not the best time to freshen up your marketing materials.

FACT: You’re (respectfully) mistaken. This is THE time to work on something new and creative so that when the time comes *and it will come* – you’re ready to pounce!

FICTION: “Tiger King” references aren’t cool anymore.

What can YOU do to ‘sink your claws’ (OK, I’ll stop) into a new project during this *for now?* Katie and Brandy are here to brainstorm – let’s chat! 910.538.7538 *