WARNING: This post is cliche-heavy. Sorry, not sorry.

It has definitely been an interesting last four weeks in KC Creative Land. We’ve been busy working with clients to come up with creative, inexpensive marketing strategies to face a totally uncertain time. And, the good news: we’re pushing forward and making lemonade!

We’re uber thankful to work with realtors, brokerages, developers, restauranteurs and business owners that understand one thing: this is no time to pump the breaks. You gotta roll with the punches, adjust and push on forward.

This marketing tactic brings to mind several more appropriate cliches:

* The cream rises to the top.
* It’s time to separate the men from the boys.
* Carpe Diem.
* Stand out from the crowd.
* Kill or be killed.
* Strike while the iron is hot.
* Today is an opportunity to get better – don’t waste it.

What else am I forgetting here?

I just finished listening to Andy Frisella‘s latest Real Talk podcast titled “The Gift of The Quarantine.” Have you heard it yet? You should totally listen to it. He says the F-word a ton, which I happen to be OK with, but the message is clear: COME OUT OF THIS BETTER.

Andy’s podcast ties back in beautifully what we’ve been working so hard to do for our clients these last four weeks. We all have to put on our big girl britches, get our minds right and carry on….

Because it won’t be like this forever!

And, however you need to say it or whatever cliche quote you want to attach to this crazy world we’re living in right now…lets ALL come out of this better.

🖤 KC