Six things you might not know about Katie Campbell — Principal & Owner, KC Creative LLC

What Inspires You?
People I love, things that make me laugh, doing tough stuff and all things beautiful.

Your Most Favorite Meal? (Wine Doesn’t Count!)
Narrowing this field down to just one is nearly impossible for me.  I love a medium rare steak paired with an amazing red, a table filled with charcuterie and hors d’oeuvres and surrounded by friends and family, good chicken wings (just the flats, please,) and nachos!

Your Ideal Friday Night…GO!
Hanging with my favorite 9-year-old. It could be dinner out, taking Boomer for a walk or watching a movie. I’m flexible!

What Do You Love Most About the KC Creative Powerhouse?
That we’re reunited…and, it feels so fine!  We’re the perfect balance of creativity, big-picture thinking and mastering the tasks at hand. Watch out, world – KC Creative is coming for you!

What’s One Thing the World Should Know About Brandy Jones?
She’s the coolest nerd I know.  Brandy is not afraid to do hard things, she has a style all her own and she chooses to look forward.  A winning combination in business AND friendship.

Favorite Color?
All shades of BLUE. Navy blue, turquoise, my son’s eyes, the waters of Wrightsville Beach and the Blue Ridge Mountains…just to name a few.

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