We had a great week in KCC Land!  We were given the opportunity to offer a marketing “High Five”-talk to a group of lovely folks on a Zoom webinar hosted by Cape Fear CREW, a business organization focused on commercial real estate.

We offered FIVE tips to the group on using their resources to tackle a marketing plan that, more than likely, has been adjusted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

One of  the “High Five” tips we shared is: VIDEO IS KING!  Whether it’s YouTube, IGTV, Facebook Live, vlogging or pretty much ANY platform you can use to record yourself or something associated with your business — VIDEO is where it’s at right now, baby!

In a world full of fast moving info coming at us from a million places, VIDEO allows you to deliver impactful content in a timely fashion. Here are (4) quick KCC TIPS to VIDEO Success:
** Keep ’em short + sweet – around 3 minutes is bomb.
** You don’t have to go high production to be high impact. Your iPhone works just fine if your budget won’t allow.
** A little razzle-dazzle never hurt anyone – so have some fun + get creative!
** Don’t be afraid! No one likes (1) the sound of their voice or (2) the way they look on video – so get over it, you are fabulous and push record!

Many of our clients have had success implementing video into their strategies, so if you need help planning your next video blockbuster (ha!) – we are here! Let’s chat. 910.538.7539 * TeamKCCreative.com