We’re wondering something over in KCC Land, are you using the #ICYMI tactic in your social media outreach?

An abbreviation for “In Case You Missed It,” Merriam Webster defines #ICYMI as: It’s what people say – or type, rather – when they want to point you in the direction of something interesting or enlightening that’s available for your perusal online – in case you missed it.

Posts that perform well or have important messaging for your company need a second glance. Get EVEN MORE engagement from them by re-sharing them again or consider adding some boosted dollars!

Our research shows…
“Understand which content is already engaging your audience and create a better version of it,” advises Michael Brenner, CEO of the Marketing Insider Group and author of Mean People Suck, a book on how to better engage with an audience through empathy.

Instead of just noting what’s working and then doing more original content, consider re-editing and expanding the successful content so it does even better on organic search and becomes cornerstone marketing content.  Let’s not reinvent the wheel here, people!

You can also take the same piece of content and recreate it by adjusting the messaging to appeal to a slightly different target demographic!  This allows even more mileage from the high-performing content while ensuring you’re putting out content with a high chance of success.

Give #ICYMI a try! And, if you need help with ideas on social media content — KC Creative is here to help! 910.538.7539 or email us.