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Three Important Reasons to Revamp Your Business on Facebook

2023-07-25T18:45:51+00:00July 20th, 2023|

In today’s digital era, social media platforms have become essential for businesses to connect with their target audience. And, Facebook remains a dominant force. In order to stay relevant and engage your customers effectively, it's crucial to refresh and revitalize your business presence. KC Creative harnesses the almighty power and reach of Facebook for our clients daily. And because Facebook’s algorithms and backend are ever changing and evolving, Chey, META! Let's chat about the importance of freshening up your Facebook feed. Enhance your online presence, with these three strategies:  #1 Stay Current and Trendy The digital landscape is constantly evolving, [...]

Instagram Reels for Real Estate: Engage Your Buyers with Creative Content

2023-07-25T18:40:02+00:00July 12th, 2023|

Instagram reels have emerged as a powerful tool for Real Estate professionals to captive and engage potential buyers in a visually appealing and concise format. KC Creative loves creating Reels! Why? Because people love to watch them! Their engagement is worth the effort, trust us. Read on to find out why Instagram Reels are essential for the real estate industry and what ideas you can try to create compelling and fun real estate reels. Showcasing Properties in a Unique Way:  Instagram Reels provide an excellent opportunity to showcase properties in a visually captivating and creative manner. Instead of traditional property [...]

Is The Hashtag Still Relevant?

2022-07-20T15:26:03+00:00January 2nd, 2018|

The #hashtag is probably one of the most misunderstood and overly-abused social media practices (almost to the point) that it had us wondering over here at KC Creative if the hashtag was still relevant to social media marketers.  So, we wanted to take a second to dive in and explore the proper uses for the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Twitter was where the hashtag originated.  With conversations moving so fast on Twitter, the hashtag became the solution.  It was the key that opened the door into a conversation.  A fast and efficient way to navigate the world of [...]

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