Each year, before my fabulous family settles in to our Thanksgiving feast, we jot down our most thankful things, set them in a small box at a random place setting on the table and wait for the magic to happen.

The magic isn’t just the way the gravy mixes with the turkey and potatoes to create the perfect bite…it’s actually waaayyyy better than that.

It’s the thankful stuff.

We don’t know which family member’s thankful thing we’ll read.  We just open the box before us and begin…some make the table laugh, some make us cry, and, hey – some are just hard to read (has Katie been in the wine again?!)

But, the take-away for all 20+ family members will always be: there’s SO MUCH to be thankful for.

The fun-loving, hard-working crew at KC Creative can definitely relate to the #thankful vibes.  It’s where we’ve been, where we are at this very moment and where we’re headed.  It has been a wonderful, fulfilling and wild ride. And, KC Creative is JUST getting started.

So with all that sappy stuff behind us we say, “Thank you kindly, friends.”

Have a magical, Happy Thanksgiving!